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July 4, 2022

CIPEG Annual Meeting 2022 Annual Meeting

CIPEG Annual Meeting 2022

22 August 2022, 16:00–17:30, Prague Congress Centre


Organizing committee: CIPEG

The Power of Egyptian and Sudanese Collections

The theme of the CIPEG Annual Meeting 2022 is inspired by the main topic of the ICOM General Conference in Prague 2022 The Power of Museums and covers the well-known element of the CIPEG meetings, Museum Reports. We wish to exchange news from Egyptian and Sudanese collections, exhibitions and projects and this year the focus will be how we have coped and changed, perhaps even improved, the ways the collections are displayed and engaging with the public. Cultural institutions around the world have showed great creativity in managing the Pandemic situation.

First call for papers, the extended deadline for the submission of your abstract is now 10 April 2022.


23 August 2022, 14:30–16:00, Prague Congress Centre


Organizing committees: CIPEG, ICMAH

The Power and Challenges of Historical and Archeological Museums to connect the communities

The World is changing. Nations and local communities are more concentrated on their own histories and museums as well. The past is past and material evidence of local communities is already part of “universal collections”. We will discuss how the collections belonging to different localities of the world, which are already in the “universal collections” have the potential to create cultural communication models today. Communication models that unite different societies will be presented with practices developed through joint exhibitions, educational programs, scientific events, publications and digital media use.


23 August 2022, 16:30–18:00, Prague Congress Centre


Organizing committees: CIPEG, ICMAH

The dispersed ancient and modern African Collection & the Global Community

African collections reveal an extraordinary cultural impact, considered as the source of knowledge. Over the decades, thousands of African collections have been taken out of their homelands and displayed in museums around the world. The new national African states start to request the return of their heritage. The African collections looted during the periods of slavery, empire and colonialism are essentials for the African communities to revisit and re-engage with these important aspects of African history. This session will focus on the ancient and modern African collections by their provenance histories, their evolution on display and communication practices.


25 August: CIPEG off-site meeting


Venue: National Museum, Historical Building (Národní muzeum, Historická budova)

The CIPEG off-site meeting will take place in the premises of the National Museum (Historical Building of the National Museum and the Náprstek Museum) and will be divided into two parts. The first part is dedicated to the introduction of the internationally lesser-known Egyptian and Nubian Collections of the Náprstek Museum, including the design of the new permanent display. The second part, organised in collaboration with the Sudanese National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums, will provide a comprehensive report on the current developments in Sudanese museums, including the new permanent display of the Sudan National Museum and Community Museums in Western Sudan.