Working groups and projects

Working groups

Editorial Boards

If you would like to get involved with the work of any of the Editorial Boards, please contact the Secretary in the first instance.


CIPEG e-News Editorial Board:

  • Tine Bagh
  • Aidan Dodson
  • Tom Hardwick
  • Daniela Picchi


CIPEG Journal Editorial Board:

  • Caroline M. Rocheleau, Managing Editor
  • Ashley Arico
  • Denise M. Doxey
  • Dina Faltings
  • Mohamed Gamal Rashed
  • Anna Garnet
  • Tom Hardwick
  • Melanie Pitkin
  • Campbell Price
  • Aminata Sackho-Autissier
  • Keiko Tazawa


CIPEG webpage

The CIPEG webpage is maintained and currently being redeveloped by Susanne Woodhouse (swcipeg(AT)



2022 Celebrations

In 2022 Egyptology celebrates two major anniversaries: the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs 200 years ago, and the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun 100 years ago.

CIPEG is gathering information about any kind of event that celebrates these anniversaries, e.g. exhibitions, conferences and lectures, logging them in one document. You can help us to update this record by adding your contributions to this live document, or emailing your institution’s proposed events to Melanie Pitkin: melanie.pitkin(AT)


CIPEG Survey for the Egyptological Museum Community

At the end of 2020, following a difficult year for the world with the COVID-19 pandemic, CIPEG took the opportunity to reflect on its role and purpose, and how we might be able to better support the museum Egyptological community. As part of this, we developed a survey aimed at current CIPEG members, and non-members. 152 participants (58 members and 94 non-members) took part in the survey and a summary of the results are shared with you here. We look forward to keeping you up-to-date with the new changes and welcome any further comments or suggestions you may have.

Access the Membership Survey outcome HERE.


The new CIPEG Webpage

After 11 years of excellent service the CIPEG website is currently undergoing restructuring and redevelopment. Its new format is that of an ICOM minisite which is currently under construction.


“The Global Egyptian Museum”

The Global Egyptian Museum is a project under the aegis of CIPEG. Currently 17 museums in 12 countries are represented. The goal is to create a virtual museum of all Egyptian objects. Presently 14,975 objects are fully accessible and are searchable.


Cairo May 2018

On Saturday 5 May 2018 started a three day Tutankhamun conference in Cairo at the Meridien Hotel by the Pyramids.

After the conference on 9 May 2018 a Post-Conference Workshop was organized by CIPEG together with The Egypt Exploration Society (EES) and The Ministry of Antiquities (MoA) under the theme of the ICOM CIPEG Annual Meeting 2017 ‘The Role of Curators in Museum Research and Exhibits. Tradition, Change, and Looking to the Future’.