Online collection databases

CIPEG Worldwide Database of Egyptian and Ancient Sudanese Museums & Collections : CIPEG’s collections database aims at providing a global Directory of Museums and Collections to be used by CIPEG members, researchers, students, and the general public.

Wonderful Things Arts : Ancient Egyptian collections across the globe, inc an interactive map, compiled by Natalie Watson.

Egyptological Museum Search : Egyptological Museum Search was made to provide a single search point for finding objects by their inventory numbers in major collections of Egyptian antiquities that have online catalogues.

The Global Egyptian Museum carried out under the aegis of CIPEG.

The Egyptian Coffins Project : Since 2014, the Fitzwilliam Museum has been conducting cutting-edge interdisciplinary research into its collection of more than 200 ancient Egyptian coffins and coffin fragments. Bringing together a team of Egyptologists, conservators, a pigment analyst, an expert in historical painting techniques, an ancient woodworking specialist and a consultant radiologist, allowed to gain unprecedented insights into the coffins’ construction, creation of the decorative programme and, so far as possible, the history of the coffins and their owners.