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CIPEG aims to enlarge its international network to promote Egyptology and Sudanology in museums world wide.

The “Comité international pour l’Égyptologie” (CIPEG) is one of 32 International Committees of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). The scope of CIPEG deals with the international representation of Egyptian and Sudanese collections and museums in a worldwide community. CIPEG provides a unique panel for museum professionals and scholars who deal with Egyptian and Sudanese heritage.

Who should join?

ICOM offers individual as well as institutional memberships.

Individuals who are engaged in any kind of museum work, or those who work as a museum professional, scholar, curator, assistant curator, librarian, or conservator associated with Egyptian and Sudanese collections, should certainly join.

Reasons for joining

  • Attending the CIPEG Annual Meetings and workshops allows its members to stay up-to-date with the Ancient Egyptian and Sudanese collections across the globe.
  • With the CIPEG membership you expand your existing network in the sector.
  • Young CIPEG workshops address the next generations who are considering work in the museum sector.
  • As a member with voting rights, you participate in the election of the CIPEG Board, and you are eligible to stand for office within the CIPEG structure.
  • By participating in defining what a museum stands for in the early 21st century you are shaping the future of the museum profession.
  • As a member you will advocate museum ethics and standards.
  • Your ICOM Membership entitles you to register for the ICOM International Conferences at a reduced fee.
  • The ICOM Membership card gives you free admission to most national collections and monuments as well as free entry to exhibitions in most national museums around the world.
  • 5 good reasons to join ICOM

How to join

To become a member of CIPEG you are required to first join ICOM. For this purpose, please contact your National Committee as listed in the Committees’ Directory (yellow box). As so far the Sudan has no National Committee, you need contact the Secretariat (red box) instead.

Please indicate in your application that you want to become a voting member of the International Committee CIPEG.

Membership of an International Committee is included in the ICOM membership fee, so that joining CIPEG does not incur any additional costs.

More detailed information, such as membership fees, voting rights and the ethical code for museum professionals, can be found for both membership types on the webpage of your National Committee.

ICOM members who wish to switch their current International Committee affiliation to CIPEG can do so on ICOM’s Membership Space. In this case, we would be grateful if you additionally contacted the CIPEG Chair and the CIPEG Secretary to confirm that you joined CIPEG.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon.